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We had just studied the formats and standards for Paper 1, now let's move on to Paper 2. As we all know, Paper 2 is all about writing an essay, a summary , followed by a literature component at the very end. Unfortunately, this time the literature component will be in subjectives and which means there are no answer options provided. Like I said, you have to score your best at Paper 1, as Paper 2 gets increasingly difficult in case you're not well - prepared. However, you don't have to get yourself too depressed about anything. Keep your chin up, that's what I'm here for, to help you in your writing.

- Please be noted that I'll be offering you various tips, informations and guidance that focuses more on Paper 2 than Paper 1.

[ Once again, you may skip this part if you already know the procedures ]
Let us get started. English PMR - Paper 2 formats contains three total Sections, that's Section A, Section B and Section C. There are only one question given on each Section. You MUST answer all questions, not to leave any of them blank. It's better that you try than to fail. When you're sitting for your PMR, you shall be provided a long answer book with about 6 pages. Allow me to remind you, you cannot use a Correction Tape, Corrective fluids or Liquid paper of any kind in case you make spelling mistakes in your essay. These items are strictly prohibited. Lets say you've done some mistakes, just put a single line across the words and write again. Make sure it is tidy. One more thing, you MUST use one type on pen ONLY. Do not combine black and blue pen together. Besides, red pens are also prohibited. Only the markers are allowed to use one, not us. Finally, you should write on both sides of your answer book provided.

Section A : Guided Writing.

Guided writing.For this section, you will be given a few boxes of simple cartoon pictures along with some short notes stated under each picture. Each picture provides you about 5 points in the notes or just 3 at least. Normally, there are only 4 pictures printed, otherwise your easy will be much longer than expected. Before you start, please, READ the instructions carefully. You need to do exactly what it says and exactly like how it wants you to. It will asks you to write any type of essay, suck as formal and informal letters, stories, articles, reports, speech, dialogues and etc. So far, a lot of candidates carelessly have chosen to write the wrong type of essay as directed. If the instructions asks you to write a story, don't write a letter instead or it will go wrong entirely, especially the formats. For some questions, you'll be given a topic or a title for your essay to help you out. For instance, this includes article or reports.

You need to use all the notes to help you out, but not necessarily all of them if your head is filled with bright ideas that is way better than the notes stated. Noted that I'll be teaching you how to answer each Section later on. Furthermore, it is extremely vital for you to elaborate each points or notes given. A good essay always has a point, a few elaborations and followed by some examples within each paragraph.
It is highly recommended that you include along numerous relevant informations for better scoring. Last but not least, whatever that is that you write, make sure it is not less than 120 words, or the people who marks your essay won't read the rest of your points.

Section B : Summary.

Secondly, the next section shall be the summary writing. For this particular section, you'll be given another text or a passage. Not too long and not too short.
Sometimes, the text goes simple and for some other times it will be a bit complex. If it does, remember to read twice at least. The text or passage given is random, which includes factual essays, notes, speeches, anything. Your task for the summary section is to briefly summarize the text or making it shorter and simple. Then, write your summary. All the things you have to do is, read the text and find the main points. Find 5 points at least,which is possible to ensure that you'll gain full marks. To make it easier, you are already provided with 10 words as a start. Your summary must not be more than 60 words, including the 10 words given. Do not start with your own words, eventhough it sounds better. Next, write in continuous writing, which means ONE paragraph only. Not in notes form. The main procedure is to use your own words as far as possible without changing the original meaning. Keep in mind, you must use sequence connectors or sentence connectors to merge 1 point after another. What is a sequence connector? It is a word used to merge each point. For instance, the word ' Besides ' and ' Furthermore '. Using these words make your summary orderly arranged. In addition, you must write down the number of words words there are in your summary about two lines below, with a bracket. Write in digits. This step is to make the marking progress a lot easier. The people who marks your paper also marks hundreds and hundreds of other candidates' papers. Surely he or she doesn't have enough time to count the number of words in your summary. He or she will just estimate and when the estimation gets over 60 words, he or she will ignore the rest. That's more than enough to make us upset.

Section C : Novel.

The last but not least, Section C. This section is all about the novel or literature components that you learnt from Form 1 to Form 3. Normally, each particular area in Malaysia studies the different novel. For instance, I choose Robinson Crusoe for the previous PMR because all Sarawakians study that novel. If you want things to go easy on you, you better read and be ready. Although, reading novels is a pain in the neck for some people unless you really interested in reading. First of all, you shall be given a list of novels studied in the literature component in English Language. It is up to you to choose which novel is easier to write about that matches the question provided. Based on ONE of the novel listed, write your answer based on the question asked. It may be anything, including themes, moral values, characters that you admire, plots and etc. You MUST provide evidence from the text to support and back up the answers that you stated. If possible, you should provide examples from the novel before moving up to the next point. Finally, your response or answer should be not less that 50 words, which is easy if you do as follows. You also must write in continuous writing, not in notes form. In other words, one paragraph.



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